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As we transition from the Old website hosting company to our New, and Improved, website hosting company, emails will be a little tricky for a day, maybe two.

To try and provide a quick non-technical overview, each domain name is like your name. We all have an address associated with our name, and when we move, we have to tell the post office. Right now, the post office thinks you are at the Old host, and we are going to tell them you have moved to the New host. Sounds simple, huh?

Here is the hard part; there is not one post office that delivers your email, or your website requests, to your address. The web is actually made up of many post offices that delivery your email and website requests to you. These post offices are not all the same, some are quick to respond to an address change and some are a little slower. It can take from one hour, to a day or longer, but typical within 12 hours, for all of the post offices to sync up and get your new address.

During this time, some emails and web requests will go to the Old host, and some will start going to your New host. So what do you do?

Together, we will coordinate when to tell the post office to change your address (point your domain to the new server). If you are using Outlook, your email will continue to work for quite a while, and then at some point it will fail because the post office that is attempting to get your email for you will start looking at your New host. When that happens, you will need to follow the steps outlined in the Change Outlook Account to New Host document. You might also want to use Webmail to check the New host and Old host as well, just to make sure you are not missing emails during this time.  I've also provided a Webmail Overview below.  As always, I’m here to help.

Set Up New Outlook Account

Change Outlook Account to New Host

Check Webmail on New Host

Check Webmail on Old Host